Spiers New Technologies (SNT) donates the first Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) for use in the Oklahoma City capitol area.

EV Charger at the Capitol.jpg

According to ODOT’s 2018 Year in Review, “ODOT joined the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and the office of the Oklahoma Secretary of Energy and Environment in announcing a funding program to expand the state’s network of EV stations. The ChargeOK Grant Program, funded by the Volkswagen State Environmental Trust, is offering more than $3 million on a competitive basis for the purchase, installation and operation of public charging stations throughout Oklahoma.” (https://www.ok.gov/odot/Year_in_Review_2018.html)

Spiers New Technologies is committed to EVs and seeks to assist others in their mission to expanding the EV charging station infrastructure. SNT currently offers free EV charging at SNT’s current Oklahoma City location through four charging stations under a solar roofed awning. SNT is also working with other companies and state agencies to help provide power to electric vehicle charging stations using the SNT Watt Tower. (http://www.spiersnewtechnologies.com/energy-storage/)