What is ALFRED?


Spiers new Technologies (SNT) proprietary battery management database

ALFRED is a PHP / MySQL web application that collects, manages, and processes battery and battery related information. ALFRED receives input data from a wide variety of sources including SNT test equipment, SNT proprietary battery research equipment, production operators, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) engineers and stakeholders, dealerships, logistics companies, and major shipping entities. ALFRED is always studying and processing the information held in its databases; ALFRED never sleeps. In a typical 24 hour time period, ALFRED manages the production of refurbished battery packs in five facilities divided across two continents, coordinates forward and reverse logistics to support thousands of dealerships, sends hundreds of emails, and provides on-demand data analysis and report generation to hundreds of users.

All features capable within ALFRED:

  • OEM Adaptive Reports and Forecasting Models

  • Data Mining

  • Quality Records – Full Audit Trail

  • Automated Refurb Battery Capacity Matching

  • Inventory Management

  • Ordering and Processing

  • 24 Hour Secure OEM Access (Supports Warranty, Engineering, Customer Care, Quality, etc.)

  • Capturing of usable data for root cause analysis of aged modules